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Unique Ideas To Celebrate Valentine's Day This Year

20 great ideas to show how much you care.

Valentine's Day Treats

Great buys to help you celebrate. Cupcakes, music, candles and more.....

Fourteen Romantic "Time Outs" For Parents

It's easy for romance to take a back seat when children come along. Here's how to change all that.

It really is the thought that counts on this special day.

Say "I Love You" For Valentine's Day

Many ways to say those magic words.

How To Improve Your Love Life With The Power Of Feng Shui

Improve your love life by improving the energy of your home.

Love Heart Meringues

Perfect treats for your loved one.

A Valentine's Day Dinner

Step by step to a simple yet stylish dinner with ideas for the decorations too.


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If you really want to treat your loved one this Valentine's Day splash out on one of these delicious wines from Germany.

Try Prinz von Hessen Dachsfilet Riesling 2013, available from 25.95. A wonderfully textured Riesling with hints of sweetness, intense minerality and jam packed with limey fruit.

Or push the boat out with Oliver Zeter Pinot Noir Reserve 2010, 27.99, a dark, fruity and seductive wine with plenty of spice. Perfect for enjoying whilst curled up on sofa with your loved one.

Find out more about Wines Of Germany at their web site here or visit them on Facebook.