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Living As Your Authentic Goddess Self

by Luanne Simmons

When we become the Goddess, we must do so by being our authentic selves. Only when we are motivated by our highest dreams, aspirations, ideals, desires and needs can we truly be divine. You cannot call yourself a Goddess if you are shutting our the infinite abundance the universe is offering you. Nor are you divine if you spend your days trudging off to a job you detest that wastes your time, attention and talents. No Goddess finds herself stuck in relationships that are mediocre and based on settling for second best. These are decisions your inauthentic self has made. A Goddess thinks true thoughts, speaks her truth and acts in the truth always.

You cannot lie to yourself about your life and call yourself a Goddess. You must break out of mediocrity at once. Comfort zones are for those who fear. Goddesses have no fear. They have only courage. Love cancels out fear.

Personal integrity, one of the foundations of our divinity, demands that you get abundance in your life and stop pretending that anything less is satisfactory. Confront the truth even when it creates stress or conflict. Have the courage to quit that nine-to-five job and go into business for yourself using a talent you know you have. Let your authentic self help you find the words to break up a relationship that is a lie and isn't based on truth or love.

We lose our authentic selves when we live on someone else's terms or let fear dictate our boundaries. It is imperative that we are brutally honest with ourselves, know exactly who we are, and live from that center at all times. Otherwise we are miserable phonies living an inauthentic life of failure. In that stance we mold ourselves to be who our partners, parents, friends, relatives, employers and co-workers want us to be. We make decisions based on fear, need, and scarcity instead of on love, trust and abundance.

When you live according to the dictates of your heart, life rewards you with your actual desires. It is an energy drain to hold back from what you really wish you had. You live a life of "should's" and "have to's." There can be no balance, no flow and no creativity.

Some people are so tragic that they don't even know they are settling for less. They are always trying to fill a void but they don't understand why it's there. So they go about trying to fill the deep inner hole with meaningless sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, gambling or some other addiction. Sometimes these addicts get lucky (or blessed), and end up in treatment and/or a self-help program for their addiction. The first thing they learn is that they must get real and stay real to defeat their addiction. They are taught how to get honest with themselves by working the twelve steps of the recovery program. They are urged to work a spiritual program and to have a higher power to turn to. And, in many cases, miraculously, they become their authentic selves, admit they are powerless over their addiction, and work an honest program of recovery which requires them to know who they are and to act as that self each day.

Be the Goddess you truly are. Honor yourself and your divinity. Life is supposed to be about satisfying our dreams, passions and talents. This is how we live enriching, rewarding and joyful lives. Some people feel that to focus on those things is too selfish, and that they need to keep their focus on their loved ones' needs in order to be good people. This is nonsense. Good people are joyous, fulfilled people who can share their joy, peace and overflowing love because they have it to give. We become better parents, siblings, adult children, friends, spouses and co-workers when we allow ourselves to be ourselves.

We need to face ourselves honestly, admit that we are living inauthentically, become as honest as we know how to be, honor our desires completely and never settle for less again. Your true self has been waiting in your heart and soul for just this glorious transformational day. You will find that it happens more naturally than you might think. We learn to fall in love with ourselves and reflect that love rather than the lack we have been projecting for so long.

All areas of your life will change. You will shrug off decaying relationships in favor of healthy, vital and truly loving ones. You will turn your back on failures and reach for successful living. You may decide to quit that dead-end job you detest, and start your own business using a talent or skill you had almost forgotten you possessed. You may drop some sycophant friends that liked the way you conformed to what they thought you should be, and find some real friends who accept you as the very one you are. Go on a Goddess retreat or weekend and let others love you as you learn to love yourself.

You will be able to set real goals that fit the real you, and take steps every day towards getting them accomplished. One day you might surprise yourself by spontaneously writing a five-page list of current dreams in your journal and believing in them all.

You may take up new hobbies, interests, activities, routines and travel to places you've only dreamed about. Nothing will be able to hold you back any longer once you come into being your one true self. There is strength and originality in you that can be motivated to get dreams accomplished and goals met. You might amaze yourself by your abilities to take charge and to stop standing in the sidelines of your life observing. You might start giving workshops, study a language you've always been curious about or start practicing herbal medicine.

Some of your old friends won't recognize you. Good. They'll probably shun you for changing and causing them fear because you left their friend comfort zone. Your family may initially wonder about you, and then when they see how much joy you have be happy for you and wish to take part in your new and exciting life.

You are where you are supposed to be. You can forever shut the door on regret and bitterness. You won't be missing out on any part of life anymore. You will be learning and growing at a very fast rate. You will be making up for lost time. Following your bliss may take you on some lovely adventures and some surprising journeys. You may go back to school, start a group of some kind, become an activist for an cause, or learn new talents and skills that amaze you.

And the only person you will ever again try to control will be yourself. You will absolutely not be interested in changing other people, places and things to suit your needs. Changing into a genuine person will have made you flexible and accommodating. Your motto will be "Let Go and Let Goddess."

Begin the transformation with inner work. Take stock of yourself. Journal daily. Visualize a future that is in alignment with the authentic you. Don't worry about whether it seems possible. Assume it is possible. It's an infinite universe and its gifts are abundance for all. Forget preconceived judgments. Drop your habitual way of viewing the world. Use daily affirmations and believe what you are saying.

Very soon you will begin to see brand new options that you never imagined before. Then you will be in touch with your real intentions. Trust your instincts.

Follow your hunches. Talk to the universe and let it talk back to you. Watch for signs of synchronicity which are just miracles that the Goddess doesn't sign Her name to. Discover what your values are and where your passions lie.

Never give up. You will discover your life's purpose if you keep working on being as honest as you can be and practicing that honesty in all your affairs. If your decision about what to do with your life doesn't take advantage of the daily fuel of passion, then you've made the wrong decision. Go back and try again. You are supposed to love what you do all day even if it is called work. You will soon find your role in the world. You will know it and be at peace.

The Goddess is the instigator of change and the enforcer of truth. Feed her passion and be one with her authenticity.

Luanne has Reiki 1&2 and Transhealing modalities, and is an Angel Intuitive ( as certified by Doreen Virtue). She holds the qualification of NLP Master Practitioner with a love for the Tarot. Being always inquisitive , Luanne is able to look beyond the masks that come before her. She has this magical, yet empowering way of inspiring people from all walks of life.

Luanne's playshops are inspirational, fun and always connecting heart felt love to each other. She aspires to bring all these learnings and to share these gifts with you to help you on your journey.

As Co-Owner of Goddess Playshops Pty Ltd, Luanne shares the vision of Goddess Playshops Pty Ltd being the world's leading service provider and product supplier for women's emotional and spiritual well-being.