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123 Sort-It
We wanted it all and now we've got to find somewhere to put it! Point your browser at 123 Sort It for inspiration and practical advice on clearing out clutter from everywhere from your kitchen to your attic, stopping off at your bedroom and garage on the way. The very best thing about this site is that it manages to make the whole thing fun. Highly recommended.

The Dollar Stretcher
Saving money and feeling good about it too, seems to be the ethos of this super American site. In the "Check out past issues" section you can find articles on all facets of frugal living from Single income success, Dealing with credit card debt, Frugality and being well organized, Frugal decorating. Something for everyone in here.

Victorian Rituals
Lovely site that transports you back to the Victorian age where you can read about the language of fans, etiquette, calling cards, autograph albums, the language of flowers, letter writing, body and bath recipes, tea rituals and holiday celebrations. There is a lovely section called Scents for Around the Home where you can learn simple recipes for room freshener, furniture polish, pomanders, herb spheres, door sachets and lavender sachets.

Organize Tips
101 pages to help you get organized. Everything to streamline your life, including checklists, planners and organizers. Free tips by email every month too!




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