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Welcome to ALL THAT WOMEN WANT a lively mix of features, fun, resources and best of the web picks.

Our aim is to bring together the very best of the web for women and children to save you having to search for it.

Why not bookmark this page and drop in whenever you can? You'll always be welcome and you're sure to find something interesting too.

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All That Women Want
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Nederburg 56 Hundred

Combining the best of traditional winemaking with vibrant fruity flavours, the Nederburg 56 Hundred range of scrumptious South African wines brings you consistently excellent wines at a very reasonable price, perfect for parties, barbecues, girly nights in or out. and family gatherings of all types.
We enjoyed the Pinot Grigio, light, lively and refreshing, with characters of juicy white peach and some floral notes. Serve chilled with light Italian-style dishes and Asian food made with just a little spice.

We also liked Shiraz 2014, rich, succulent and well-structured, with notes of ripe plum, cherry and dark chocolate. Soft and juicy with a touch of spice. Match with earthy flavours.

Nederburg's 56 Hundred range can be purchased for RRP 5.75 from Tesco and Morrisons.

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